SoftwareShield™ manages your application's distribution life-cycle. Whether you are deploying a single build of your application for both online and retail (brick-and-mortar) sales, or producing several versions with different licensing parameters and protection levels, SoftwareShield™ provides you all the tools you need.

SoftwareShield™ consists of several applications, tools, run-time components, and server components to help you best realize your business goals. Using SoftwareShield™ you can set up Digital Rights Management the way you want to – applying premium protection, but still making it easy for your customers to purchase and play your application products.

SoftwareShield™ License Management

SoftwareShield™ has two key functions it will manage for your application: license management, and protection. SoftwareShield™’s software license system allows you to create, edit, compile, test, distribute, activate and support licensed software. License enforcement is the mechanism by which the SoftwareShield™ components may enforce specific license terms between your company (more specifically your application) and your customers (the end-users). SoftwareShield™ supports time-based and usage-based Digital Rights Management, and combinations of the two. These can include:

  • Time-based licenses: defined by minutes, hours, days or by a specified start/end date
  • Usage-based licenses: defined by number of executions
  • Feature-based* licenses: defined by pay-per-level, pay-per-item, micro-transactions
  • Customized* licenses: create your own license model
*these models are achieved by combining SoftwareShield™'s SDK and IronWrap toolsets

SoftwareShield™ Protection

SoftwareShield™ protects your software with a variety of tools built to combat illegal cracking, tampering, and copying. One protection feature of SoftwareShield™ is that it can be set up to check if the host machine is authorized to use the license every time your software starts (as well as checking that Activation Codes inputted are meant for the host machine). This "fingerprinting" ensures that even if a legitimate copy is unlocked and the entire hard drive is copied to another computer illegally - that the illegal copy would detect the attempt to use your license.

SoftwareShield™ provides a variety of approaches to protect your product. The core approaches are:


SoftwareShield™'s IronWrap is our wrapper technology. It is both powerful and flexible. It requires no changes to your source code. You can choose pre-defined license models or create your own customized model.

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Combined Protection

SoftwareShield™'s IronWrap and SoftwareShield™'s SDK can be combined. IronWrapping your application and then accessing SoftwareShield™'s SDK from inside your application will provide a highly integrated User Interface (UI).

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SoftwareShield™ SDK

SoftwareShield™'s SDK provides a DLL to deeply integrate into your application; like hooking directly into your applications' User Interface for example. Or create a custom license model for your application.

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