Optimize conversion using Professional Editions's dynamic webkit powered end-user interface.

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Use Enterprise Edition's SDK to integrate our protection with your software for a seamless end-user experience.

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Encore USA

"Our engineers and sales teams are very enthusiastic about the features and functionality GameShield will bring to our PC distribution business. We were looking for the right partner for our PC platform products that would deliver us great value for money as well as personalized support."

NeuroScript LLCM

"After more than five years of development and plans to go to market, we knew we needed some method of protection for our software. Logically, we determined there was no need to reinvent the wheel, and after a fair amount of research into available security products, we made our choice to go with SoftwareShield™. We are glad to this day that we made that choice. Not only is SoftwareShield™ extremely secure, it was easy to integrate and extremely flexible. It allows you to customize the level of security from something as simple as a trial version or copy protection, to high-level fingerprint checks. In addition to its security, one of the key features of SoftwareShield™ is the ability to bundle multiple "products" or "features" into a single application with independent access control. The web activation tool was a gratifying bonus, as well! In addition to features and product quality, I consider support as an important factor when choosing products...and SoftwareShield™ certainly fits the bill. The technical documentation is superb and has the answers to any questions you might pose. As well, their customer support is A+. They care about their clients. SoftwareShield™ continues to expand and improve its product. I've seen dramatic enhancements since we initially purchased their system and expect to see more exciting updates in the future! If you want a secure, easy-to-use, flexible, and well-supported security system, Software Shield is for you."

Providence Technology Group

"I think SoftwareShield™ is an awesome licensing product. After looking at multiple products, it is extremely easy to use and to implement from a coding standpoint. We have implemented the licensing into multiple products and have not had any problems with any of them…. One other thing that I am impressed with is [SoftwareShield™'s] response time to my phone calls and emails. SoftwareShield™ has always answered all of my questions and returned emails or phone calls immediately."

Runic Games

"GameShield gave us exactly what we were looking for--a comprehensive and affordable DRM solution. We couldn't be happier."

PopCap Games

"We picked Yummy because they offered the best combination of flexibility, price and security."

Metaboli / GameTap

Metaboli (www.metaboli.com and www.gametap.com) is a leading worldwide distributor of video games for download and Games on Demand. As a technology partner of Metaboli, Yummy provides services for Metaboli's Games on Demand operations in Europe and in North America for GameTap. Metaboli's services are deployed across the globe with partners such as:

“By partnering with Yummy we have been able to make a leap forward in our Games on Demand services. Because Yummy’s solution is so easy to integrate and feature-rich, we have been able to innovate for the next generation of online PC gaming, and we are now even better positioned to take advantage of the paradigm shift to downloadable game content."


"Delivering our games in an unobtrusive, simple download and mail order experience to our community members is paramount to us. With GameShield, we will be able to securely extend our digital products to new channels and also be able to offer game bundles and extra downloadable content, such as add-ons and expansion packs, with a smooth user interface for end users," said Martin van Balkom, President of BattleFront.com.