SoftwareShield™ includes IronWrap, our sophisticated wrapper technology that protects existing applications without altering source code.

SoftwareShield™ includes many innovative protection capabilities and will protect all your application files as a whole. Extensive anti-hacking/cracking, code obfuscation, cryptographic machine-binding, tamper-proofing, encryption, compression, intrusion-detection and several secret and proprietary methodologies are used to keep your content safe.

IronWrap essentially “wraps” a mini virtual operating system around your program like a protective shield. The IronWrap system may contain a pre-defined license model, logic, and customizable user-interface elements to allow the user to interact with the IronWrap system itself.

IronWrap combines a multi-dimensional array of methods to protect your product is a highly secure package.

Protect All your Application Files as a Whole with IronWrap

SoftwareShield™'s IronWrapper will protect and compress your application, and its ancillary files, as one file in an "all-in-one" package. Whereas traditional wrapper protection protects just your .EXE, your application resources, DLLs and data remain outside of the executable - which leaves your application vulnerable to crackers

IronWrapping and protecting all your files into one executable will close down traditional "back doors" to your source code. You can also protect asset files by embedding them into the executable or into an AXS file (our proprietary file format). IronWrap will encapsulate:

  • Executables (EXE, DLL, OCX)
  • Data (SWF, Textures, Audio, Video, Script, Font)
  • Documents (Doc, Txt, PDF, etc.)

Power Up with IronWrap's Feature-Rich Protection

SoftwareShield™'s IronWrap system provides numerous protection mechanisms which you can control. These protections include three types of systems (technically, some protections may fall under one or more types):

  • Protections which make it difficult to reverse engineer or crack the product through obfuscation
  • Protections which explicitly attempt to prevent common attacks or actions which may assist a cracker.
  • Protections which attempt to detect that an attacker is trying to crack the product (and take some remedial action)

The exact protections you apply to your IronWrapped product may be controlled from inside your License Project in the SoftwareShield™ License Manager. These protections may include:

  • Anti-Virtual Machine Protection
  • Anti-Code Injection Protection including: Anti-Message Hook, Anti-Remote Thread
  • Anti-Debug Tools including: Remote Code, Call-Trap, Code-Chain
  • Internal Resource Protection
  • Export Protection
  • API Filter Protection
  • Digital Signature Validation Protection
  • Anti-PE Reconstruction Protection including: Import Address Table, Export Address Table, Relocation Table, Resource, Digital Signature, PE Header
  • Embedding Files
  • IronWrap CodeRivets - CodeRivets burrow "holes" into your code, that have to be unlocked by a code exchange but never "refilled" in order to execute

Maximum flexibility

In addition to IronWrap protection, SoftwareShield™ also provides an SDK allowing for 100% customization to meet your needs. You can also choose to employ a combined or “hybrid” approach using both IronWrap and SDK features. In this approach you use IronWrap but also invoke SoftwareShield™’s SDK from inside your application. With this combined approach you can use a rich interface to communicate between your application and the outer protective layer of the IronWrap system, providing supreme flexibility with high-strength protection.


FingerPrinting (or Machine Locking) refers to a mechanism which SoftwareShield™ uses that will uniquely identify a particular computer by its various hardware, features, settings, serial numbers, memory address locations, characteristics, etc. A FingerPrint is optionally used in the communication of Activation Codes to your customers to ensure only legitimate licensed users can use the codes you issue.