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SoftwareShield™ Enterprise Edition - $2,499.00

The SoftwareShield™ Enterprise Edition SDK empowers you to completely integrate licensing into your software. You can use SoftwareShield™'s HTML/Javascript end-user interface ("nag" screens) or integrate a licensing interface directly into your software for a seamless end-user experience.

Enterprise SDK

The SoftwareShield™ Enterprise SDK gives you complete control over your licensing with the following features:

  • C-style DLL with C#/C++/Javascript/Delphi wrappers.
  • Complete interface to our existing license models.
  • Develop your own custom license model (network, user-based, subscription-based, etc.).

Advanced Up-Sell Features

SoftwareShield™ Enterprise Edition provides the features you need to maximize revenue. These features include:

  • Completely customizable HTML/Javascript based end-user interface ("nag" screens).
  • Dynamic "nag" screens--update your end-user's experience without needing a new build.
  • Provide trial extensions per action (e.g. user watches a video, user signs up for an account, etc.)
  • Maintain period contact with registered users through the dynamic end-user interface.
  • No-hassle e-Commerce integration with CheckPoint.

Protection Features

SoftwareShield™ Enterprise Edition provides software protection beyond simple licensing, including:

  • Code protection and encryption of native win32 and .NET code.
  • Code protection for secondary executables or DLLs.
  • Data file embedding and protection.
  • Offline and online activation (online activation provided by CheckPoint).
  • No internet connection required by your end-user.
  • Flexible trial periods by years, days, hours, minutes, or seconds.
  • Period-based trails from first launch.
  • Duration-based trials by the total time your end-user uses your application.
  • Must-activate (no trial) licensing.
  • Use-based trails based on the number of times a user launches your application or specific feature.