Maximize Revenue & Product Security with SoftwareShield™

SoftwareShield™ is a powerful software licensing and protection system for companies that create and distribute PC applications. By using SoftwareShield™ your team will save substantial development time and money by focusing on what you do best - making and selling great applications! Let SoftwareShield™ take care of protecting and licensing them.

Key Features

Time Proven IP Protection

Yummy Interactive has been securing products and popular video games for almost ten years. Intellectual Property protection means a longer release window in which partners can maximize profits and minimize losses due to unauthorized distribution.

Flexible Licensing Models

SoftwareShield™ has the superior flexibility to meet the demands of any license model you want to deploy. Try-Before-You-Buy, buy-and-download (e.g. ESD), pay- per-level, micro-transactions, etc. can all be realized with SoftwareShield™. And non-monetized initiatives such as demos, media previews, and betas are also supported.

Simple Implementation

Using SoftwareShield™'s intuitive and easy to use IDE you can wrap your applications in minutes.

Easy Product Activations for Customers

Increase your sales through immediate product activations online and a flexible licensing approach that is transparent to your customers.

Single build

Create a unified build for the physical CD/DVD copies for your retail channels, and the online download versions for your online channels. Patches and updates can be efficiently managed using SoftwareShield™'s tools.